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the fear factor

I wanted to do a quick survey and asked a few of my friends about their fears. I mostly got snakes, caves, and wives. Some are even claustrophobic but I mostly got snakes, caves, and wives.


It certainly got me thinking about my own. So I thought and surrendered. Mine is a 30 second window somewhere between 10:00am and 10:30am every week day. Without fail and without losing any effect, it attacks me religiously. It’s the time of day when I have to take a tablespoon of horrifying cod liver oil. The oil seems so innocent and yet is the devil himself.

In the 15 minutes preceding the event, I have to become Obama, a perfect orator, and inspire myself to balance out the Omega6-Omega3 ratio. I count down from 5, inhale deeply, block out my nose using my left hand, chug that disgusting thing, and chase it with a shot of guacamole.

And the clock starts ticking… 23:59:59!


prepare for war


Your health journey can easily be compared to the Super Mario game. You will come across hurdles every step of the way. You will need to dodge a few distractions, punch a few challenges, and crush a few temptations. If attacked, you might need to start again. Don’t worry – there are unlimited chances. But you will have your best chance at accomplishing any level if you focus, remember what not to repeat, and proactively prepare.

Now leave the game. In the health world, allocate 10 minutes on Sunday to formulate a list and leave a few hours to shop for the upcoming week. The key is to restock your fridge in a way that when your tummy goes hungry, there is only the good stuff available. Don’t just wing it – put in some thought, analyze the upcoming intake, and divide it up into protein, unsaturated fats, low glycemic-index (GI) carbs, and lots of fiber. In addition to these, there will be moments of weakness when you can’t take this anymore. Your mind will be at war with your heart. With taste buds angry, senses all messed up, and mental strength at its all-time low, you will need to know how to prepare for inevitable cravings for cheese and chocolate. The more you endure now, the weakest you’ll be later. So go ahead and plan for those as well – but pick the least-worst ones. If you are too meticulous, divide it up into portions – that’s what zip-locks are for!

Now leave the health. Back to game. Be a Super Mario and prepare for war.

out of sight, out of mind

There are 3 pillows supporting your spine. Your feet have warmed up to a perfect temperature inside the blanket. You connect your HDMI cable from your office laptop to that large flat screen TV and turn on Mad Men Season 6 Episode 5 – there is only one goal and that is to provide your undivided attention to the ever-mysterious Don Draper or the voluptuous Joan Harris – yeah you can take a pause to admire her righteous curves; righteous as they can do no wrong! Just when you realize how wonderful life is and reflect it with a natural smile, your stomach sends another message – ‘I am hungry.” Now you have two options – you can quickly pause, run to the fridge, and grab a slice of multigrain bread and spicy hummus. Or, you can go through the trouble of calling in and driving all the way to Farfalla’s for your favorite margarita pizza. Right in the middle of figuring out whether Don wants to stay with his wife or the ravishing Italian woman, you’re not going to want to leave the site of crime. If I know the Mad Men enthusiasts right, bread & hummus would do just fine.

That’s the trick my friends. Keep the evil away for what is out of sight, is out of mind. Limit the options to healthier ones and keep the temptations at the fancy restaurants. Clean out the pantry and greenify that fridge.

create a goal

Smart Goal

My goals have ranged from trying to forcefully squeeze my thunder thighs into an x-small to getting back to my first driver’s license weight. In order to achieve that particular goal, I have tried every diet a human has ever invented – GM, Atkins, South Beach, Juicing, even the toughest of all – the Lemonade diet. After yo-yoing for the last decade, I am sitting here a little wiser – wiser because I have realized that my goals need to be less superficial and more meaningful. Most of all – they need to follow the SMART principle. 

So after erasing and rewriting my scribbles several times, I’ve finally chosen something that has me super excited. It is legen…wait for it – dary, it is legendary! My personal goal now is to prepare for my old age. I wish to be self-reliant, mobile, and super charged when I am 60, 70, and 80. I am assuming I’ll live forever but why the hell not! So I reviewed all of my previous test results and noted down my BMI, sugar, LDL cholesterol, TSH, and electrolytes. The goal is to improve my numbers by 1% by end of year. It may seem easy and low but bringing down your sugar level by 1-2gms would mean sacrificing that last shot, and opting out of that dark chocolate cake. I don’t want to rush – slow, steady, and sustainable is what I’m going for.

So create a goal that has a larger-than-looks effect. Create one that follows the SMART principle. Create one that is objective, quantitative, and valuable.  

forgive all sins

alfredo tongs 2Close your eyes. I wonder how you will then read the next sentence. Let’s do this again. Close your eyes hypothetically. Now imagine you are in a confession box. Listen to me and forgive your sins. The carb-loaded spaghetti slithering in that heavenly white creamy sauce, weekends filled with pizza while addicted to Breaking Bad, the nights of those notorious tequila shots, the sincere act of procrastinating doctor’s appointments, the warm chocolate soufflé with a perfect melting point, choice of mac & cheese over a quick jog, and the art of conveniently saying ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ every tomorrow.

There are about 100 trillion cells in a human body. If you can get just one cell to feel an itch and have an urge to now be stronger, healthier, and willing, you are already a winner.

Don’t waste any precious time regretting where you are today and wondering how you got here. What’s done is done and nothing can be done about it. What you can control however, are your actions today influencing your future tomorrow. So let today be your wake-up call, your starting point.

Forgive all sins and forgive them all. Feel that itch and find that urge. Now get up and get ready.  It ain’t gonna happen while you’re still reading this.