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He grabs me suddenly and yanks me up against him, one hand at my back holding me to him and the other fisting in my hair.” – E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey

Anastasia Steele is a simple girl and yet there is something about her that lures Christian in. The book says it’s her intelligence, her innocence, and her independence. I say there’s something in her skincare product that leaves her irresistible.

From Aphrodite to Avicenna, from Alexander to Cleopatra, and from Confucius to Christian Grey – each depended on the compelling aroma and healing benefits of a simple flower, Rose. Rose is the language of love and a hint towards pleasure. After the initial notes of Rose convince you to stay, Jasmine conquers as the Queen of the night. To this day, Rose and Jasmine blossoms decorate the bride and send a green signal for all that happens later. The mystical fragrance of Ylang Ylang pleases the senses and nurtures the sexual energies. Shatavari, notorious for its effect on long lasting love and lust, tries to unfold the mystery of Kama Sutra.

If there ever was a way to capture the essence of your desire for Mr. Grey, my Turn-on butter would be it. A promising aphrodisiac and a gift to women, a turn on is guaranteed!

Turn-On, my healing butter, pleases the senses, and nurtures the energies. 




In today’s world of hustle and bustle, meditation apparently is the most efficient way towards Nirvana; at least that’s what everyone is saying. What no one tells me however, is exactly how to weed out the ever-growing thoughts from my brain, and how to quieten all that noise. If you lock me up in a room and dim the lights, you will witness the rush hour in my mind – appetizers for the party, do I look fat, job security, I need more shoes, flexible spending program, and annoying candy crush invitations.

Fear not, for I have found a way. The healing salve, believe it or not, does the magic. The enveloping aroma of lemongrass keeps my nose curious. I instantly become a little greedy and inhale all that there is. This greed relaxes my throat muscles and influences deep breathing. The fragrance, oh so synergized, brings a million dollar smile. And, in this mesmerization, I am able to detach myself from the appetizers, shoes, and the universe.

Lavender dissolves all fears. Lemongrass infuses positivity. Lemon energizes the mind.

Yogi, my healing salve, awakens the senses, but quietens the mind. 

don’t ever do this again, you moron!

Celebrations were in process and I was part of the food committee. Every ingredient was prepared and artistically laid out for the grand luncheon the next day, well all except one – cayenne pepper. It was 1:00am and peppers needed to be diced, sliced, or chopped. Someone had to do the dirty job and according to the looks from my mother, that someone was me!

Do yourself a favor and wear gloves, goggles, or borrow the costume from the movie ‘Gravity’ the next time you have to chop 20 cayenne peppers. My fingers, eyes, and tongue felt a sensation that has never been described before – the entire nervous system shook awake, gases exited from every hole, and I screamed with no voice coming out! Each signal to my brain carried a telegram – “Don’t ever do this again, you moron!”

According to the Gurus in the healing world, the same phenomenon actually helps with pain & inflammation. Cayenne pepper is extremely high in Capsaicin, which helps in reducing the amount of chemical that carries pain messages to the brain and hence, providing pain-relief.

Cayenne pepper with its powerful healing benefits is currently gaining buzz, and it sure is making its way into my next salve, the WOD wax!

what others say


“We know that we should eat organic food so we aren’t eating a bunch of pesticides and toxins with our food so why should we slather our skin with chemicals and toxins when it goes right into our bodies. The skin is our largest organ which is why it’s so important to make sure we are using the healthiest, most beneficial ingredients to keep us healthy.”

– Laura Primiano, Fitness Expert


“Cleopatra, Queen of ancient Egypt, used milk to make her skin supple and glowing. Natural & handmade products are far better – they are more satisfying, enriching, and have minimal side-effects. When we prefer organic and fresh for what we take in, why not prefer organic and fresh for what we put on our skin.”

– Naina Rastogi, Fashion Entrepreneur


“I would use pure natural products simply because I try to rid myself of harmful chemicals. If I’m doing it on the inside by controlling my food why not do the same with my skin which is my very first contact with the world. My grandmother taught us the power of natural medicine and I still use it today. I trust simple ingredients and it gives me confidence in the fact, nature intended it for our use hence the natural occurrence.”

– Michelle Hydrick, Accounting Manager

my personal apothecary

My mommy’s mommy, my Nani had an undercover closet. No one knew what was inside but what came out of the closet were cures – fennel for digestion, pomegranate for cholesterol, clove for tooth ache, and turmeric as antiseptic. And then there were some complicated concoctions. She engaged in spiritual conversations and gave the warmest hugs. To this day, I remember her touch, her overflowing love, and her apothecary closet.

Roohism – a way to heal, a way to give, a way to smile, a way to live, is dedicated to my Nani, my very first spiritual guru, and my very personal apothecary.

With ginger for inflammation, black pepper for warmth, and chamomile for headache, my vision is to recreate the magic of natural remedies and bring the grandmothers of the world back in style.