I manage corporate quality, world wide materials, and drive around in my sexy beast. There is no forest and nothing is free. Govinda’s of today have turned too clever. Presidential candidate and drug cartels have dominated the attention. In this world of difficult economy and dependence on anti-depressants, how do I attain nirvana and be free from the worldly desires? How do I compete with 23 days of undistracted meditation? Where do I find the shade of a Bodhi tree?

My words are my attempt to redefine nirvana for me. My words are my attempt to fit it all in into my schedule, my budget and my timeline. My words are my attempt to share a way to heal, a way to live, a way to smile and a way to give.

Blogs are compact, dense and vague. I am forwarding you the power to mold the sentences. Fill in your experiences, relive your moments and create your own story.

And when curious, ask me for mine.

Disclaimer: Artwork on this blog is not my work and I do not claim rights to the images shown.


One thought on “roohi

  1. whats there in the name? says:

    I just stumbled upon this blog and the beautiful picture and the inner conflicts that you outlined drew me in. I guess not all but some of us have suffered deep pains and so we turn to inner self and start inquiring. Went through tough stuff myself- and I feel those who go through these pains/suffering and then go through life inquiries are the most amazing people. Because who knows finding the purpose of life may be the real purpose of life (don’t know) and pains/sufferings are nothing but most valuable lessons in that path.

    Also I don’t know a thing about Nirvana. However what is most important to me is -How do we maintain peace despite the pressures of modern world- whether corporate, social, relationship-al (if that’s the word even lol)? Because “our state of peace is not only wholesome for us” rather is contagious to everybody around us.

    I also don’t believe that we have to go somewhere to find the peace- in some ashram or on a vipasana boot camp. Those may be good starting points but we have to find peace right here- where we are placed by this universe. Right here, Right Now!

    But the question is how do we find it? But before we embark on a journey to find it we have to believe that yes such state exists. Since we don’t believe strong enough, we don’t try hard enough. What we are talking about is the best state there can be- imagine “not getting affected by any stuff that is occurring around us and always remaining happy and at peace- be in that deep state of love” – And if we have to get to that BEST state, we have to really work hard at finding it.

    Now have I found that state? Don’t know- but I have seen glimpses of it. It doesn’t stay for long but as have continued trying, that state is staying longer and longer. More on that later when I see that this thread is active…

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