what the F


It can be a fun challenge to maximize the number of grocery bags you can farmer-carry in each hand and minimize the number of rounds you need to make from the car to the kitchen counter. The excitement when you receive a big heavy box freshly delivered by Amazon Prime goes a bit down when you have to squat and pick it up. And with summer coming, it’s time to test those calves, reach for that shelf, and store heavy bags of winter clothes. Oh, and you cannot be mean and say no to a crying child. You need to essentially perform a deadlift and pick her up… uh, she’s not as light as she used to be. Ask my dear friend, Tanya, on how she manages to hold both her kids in each arm, and maintain a perfect upright posture.

No matter how innovative technology gets, we would still need to engage different muscle groups and carry out the daily tasks. This is where functional training comes in handy and makes everyday activities easier, reduce any risk of injury, and improve the quality of life.

Functional training exercises attack several muscle groups at once and train them to engage cohesively. As a result, you build strength in a holistic sense, influencing your body to function as a single unit.

The F in F45 stands for functional training.