peel off the layers

Once you peeled off the layers and it took 15 minutes per layer, each one of us was exactly how we were ~12 years ago. The same goofy eyebrow raises, the same less-than-acceptable jokes, the same desire to just be around, and the same ability to completely be our own selves. It was a random scatter of lives – a third kid on the way, a successful coffee shop, the cannabis industry, Dallas to Manhattan, and yet something pulled us together.

I would like to go back in time and be the same playful me, roaming around the hallways of the Engineering building and introducing myself to a bunch of strangers. “Hi, my name is Ruhi!” and boom! I had a bunch of who I later called my best buddies. I miss the night when we participated in drawing a Hitler mustache on our drunken buddy’s face. I want to laugh again for 20 minutes when a buddy mistakenly ate an entire wasabi shot thinking it was chutney. Can we still be invited to every post-exam party that Professor Komrosky threw? I would still repeat the night where we broke the car entry gate and ran for our lives.

Underneath all the layers, we are still the same – little kids wanting to be our own selves and be accepted for just the way we are.

If I could go back in time and change a thing, I wouldn’t. I would still be the same annoying frontbencher who always knew all the answers.

And I can say with confidence that none of these backbenchers would change a thing either! •evil-laughter•