Monthly Archives: August 2015

ultimate cardio

10 mins elliptical, 10 mins swimming, 10 mins sauna. Just 10 mins at a time to conquer what I must conquer.

I will burn the restless calories and increase my heart rate. I must arrive at my fat burning zone; fat – something that body stores for desperate times, times that never make it in time, an illusion perhaps.

With every stroke, I will speed up and let the water chase me. Under the water, I will detoxify so when I pull out, I am lighter.

I will inhale the clever signs and I will exhale the helpless desires. I will let each pore open the door. I will let each breath let go a little more.



A late night and a long drive. After reading 68 high intensity pages and a lot of highlighting, I wanted to deposit my mind and just smile. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to open the Saavn app and let the weekly top 15 lead the mood.

After many songs, there was one that still has me in awe. I’m trying hard but I can’t get it out of my head. I’m not sure if this is the correct era for Amitabh Bhattacharya. Someone messed up and he is now a century late to his existence. Clearly, his song is from a 100 years ago and it takes me back to the golden ‘black & white’ days.

Ah, those days – doesn’t the binary description seem synchronous with how older times were simpler – just black and white? There were less than 4 channels on the television, just one kind of yogurt, and the only way to communicate was to be face to face – no text, no Facebook, no whatsapp, no messenger, no Instagram, no LinkedIn, no Skype, no FaceTime, no email, and no phone – if you wanted to say hi, you rode a bicycle. Options were manageable if any. You had to excel at your job and there were no recruiters at your service. You had 2 pairs of shoes, and one shade of lipstick. Oh, and pillows of that era served just one purpose, and it was to support the neck.

Emotions were simple, and expressions were honest. Men were still from Mars and women from Venus – yes! …but they came together to start a life on Earth. There was a will to complement each other, a desire to disappear in another. The eyes did all the texting and dreams were exchanged in just a glimpse. A man’s smile and a woman’s blush – that was the only agenda and an entire date – no chocolate mousse, no distractions, and no fiddling with the keys. If she blushed, and lowered her eyes, it was a yes.

Ah, those days!

Tu rooh hai toh main kaaya banu, taa-umr main tera saaya banu,

Keh de toh ban jaaun bairaag main, keh de toh mein teri maaya banu,

Tu saaz hai, mein ragini, tu raat hai, mein chaandni…

I wish to meet AB and ask him if he knows anyone who feels love with this intensity, with such purity. I want to ask him if he’s delusional. Don’t take me wrong – I’m not making fun of him. I’m just jealous of anyone who is capable of having a feeling of that strength, one that is completely selfless and unconditional. I’m just wondering who became his inspiration, or was this just an aspiration? I’m just troubled – is there anyone who desires to evaporate to just be a part of someone – a devotion of a sort, a complete surrender?

Sorry to bring you back but in this era, we ladies have a bronzer, highlighter, primer, and 36 brushes to go for a ‘natural’ look. We avoid the sun, get a tan, and spend hours in front of the mirror artificially creating a sun-kissed face. Our era… era of a 100 years later… what have we done!