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don’t hate, meditate

I truly wish that somehow & magically, this picture travels far & reaches at least a few people who are more focused on destruction than creation! I’m just a girl hoping for a more peaceful world. We are all one and nothing without the other so let’s stop hating. Let’s live in a world with plenty of food, water, trees, and oil for everyone. We no longer have Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, or Martin Luther King. It has to be you & it has to be me. We don’t have to go on a strike or take weapons into our own hands – if we can just spread smiles, laughter, equanimity, and the overall concept of ‘all being one and nothing without the other,’ that’d be a great start, don’t you think?


concrete jungle

Now don’t be jealous but the Yogi salve was recently on vacation to the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, where there’s nothing you can’t do. The words Alicia Keys sang were symbolic of how it felt – “These streets will make you feel brand new; big lights will inspire you!”

The Yogi salve at the Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge, with Mario & Elmo, and at Grimaldi’s.

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something handwritten

There are some who shy away, and some who want it hidden, but I throw a party each year when it’s time to grow another year older. It’s a golden opportunity to bring together everyone who adores you and everyone who you adore. It’s a chance to eat obnoxious amount of cake, and a free pass to bottles of Prosecco. And, if you are a little greedy as I am, you can even demand gifts!

I love everything about birthdays but my personal favorite is to run to the mailbox a week in advance and each day before the day in hopes of finding a familiar handwriting. If and when I find one, it brings a huge smile on my face along with a little girl’s excitement. These cards are precious and believe it or not, I still have birthday cards from more than 15 years ago.

But, with each birthday, the cards are diminishing, the wishes are wi-if style & no one even truly remembers. We have entered a slightly different time where we prefer a poke, message, FaceTime, whatsapp, or even sext. And when feeling groovy, we even pay someone to handwrite a message for the birthday boy/girl. Crazy!

Well, in this cold & distant time, we need the warmth. We need the care, the touch, and those smiles. So I have decided – I am going to fix this.

p.s. The latest card I received was a Happy New Year card all the way from Sydney. Thanks to Rupali Bhabhi & Guddu Bhaiya! It was a card that carried your smile & your warmth across the ocean.