In today’s world of hustle and bustle, meditation apparently is the most efficient way towards Nirvana; at least that’s what everyone is saying. What no one tells me however, is exactly how to weed out the ever-growing thoughts from my brain, and how to quieten all that noise. If you lock me up in a room and dim the lights, you will witness the rush hour in my mind – appetizers for the party, do I look fat, job security, I need more shoes, flexible spending program, and annoying candy crush invitations.

Fear not, for I have found a way. The healing salve, believe it or not, does the magic. The enveloping aroma of lemongrass keeps my nose curious. I instantly become a little greedy and inhale all that there is. This greed relaxes my throat muscles and influences deep breathing. The fragrance, oh so synergized, brings a million dollar smile. And, in this mesmerization, I am able to detach myself from the appetizers, shoes, and the universe.

Lavender dissolves all fears. Lemongrass infuses positivity. Lemon energizes the mind.

Yogi, my healing salve, awakens the senses, but quietens the mind.