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“We know that we should eat organic food so we aren’t eating a bunch of pesticides and toxins with our food so why should we slather our skin with chemicals and toxins when it goes right into our bodies. The skin is our largest organ which is why it’s so important to make sure we are using the healthiest, most beneficial ingredients to keep us healthy.”

– Laura Primiano, Fitness Expert


“Cleopatra, Queen of ancient Egypt, used milk to make her skin supple and glowing. Natural & handmade products are far better – they are more satisfying, enriching, and have minimal side-effects. When we prefer organic and fresh for what we take in, why not prefer organic and fresh for what we put on our skin.”

– Naina Rastogi, Fashion Entrepreneur


“I would use pure natural products simply because I try to rid myself of harmful chemicals. If I’m doing it on the inside by controlling my food why not do the same with my skin which is my very first contact with the world. My grandmother taught us the power of natural medicine and I still use it today. I trust simple ingredients and it gives me confidence in the fact, nature intended it for our use hence the natural occurrence.”

– Michelle Hydrick, Accounting Manager


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