don’t ever do this again, you moron!

Celebrations were in process and I was part of the food committee. Every ingredient was prepared and artistically laid out for the grand luncheon the next day, well all except one – cayenne pepper. It was 1:00am and peppers needed to be diced, sliced, or chopped. Someone had to do the dirty job and according to the looks from my mother, that someone was me!

Do yourself a favor and wear gloves, goggles, or borrow the costume from the movie ‘Gravity’ the next time you have to chop 20 cayenne peppers. My fingers, eyes, and tongue felt a sensation that has never been described before – the entire nervous system shook awake, gases exited from every hole, and I screamed with no voice coming out! Each signal to my brain carried a telegram – “Don’t ever do this again, you moron!”

According to the Gurus in the healing world, the same phenomenon actually helps with pain & inflammation. Cayenne pepper is extremely high in Capsaicin, which helps in reducing the amount of chemical that carries pain messages to the brain and hence, providing pain-relief.

Cayenne pepper with its powerful healing benefits is currently gaining buzz, and it sure is making its way into my next salve, the WOD wax!


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