prepare for war


Your health journey can easily be compared to the Super Mario game. You will come across hurdles every step of the way. You will need to dodge a few distractions, punch a few challenges, and crush a few temptations. If attacked, you might need to start again. Don’t worry – there are unlimited chances. But you will have your best chance at accomplishing any level if you focus, remember what not to repeat, and proactively prepare.

Now leave the game. In the health world, allocate 10 minutes on Sunday to formulate a list and leave a few hours to shop for the upcoming week. The key is to restock your fridge in a way that when your tummy goes hungry, there is only the good stuff available. Don’t just wing it – put in some thought, analyze the upcoming intake, and divide it up into protein, unsaturated fats, low glycemic-index (GI) carbs, and lots of fiber. In addition to these, there will be moments of weakness when you can’t take this anymore. Your mind will be at war with your heart. With taste buds angry, senses all messed up, and mental strength at its all-time low, you will need to know how to prepare for inevitable cravings for cheese and chocolate. The more you endure now, the weakest you’ll be later. So go ahead and plan for those as well – but pick the least-worst ones. If you are too meticulous, divide it up into portions – that’s what zip-locks are for!

Now leave the health. Back to game. Be a Super Mario and prepare for war.


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