out of sight, out of mind

There are 3 pillows supporting your spine. Your feet have warmed up to a perfect temperature inside the blanket. You connect your HDMI cable from your office laptop to that large flat screen TV and turn on Mad Men Season 6 Episode 5 – there is only one goal and that is to provide your undivided attention to the ever-mysterious Don Draper or the voluptuous Joan Harris – yeah you can take a pause to admire her righteous curves; righteous as they can do no wrong! Just when you realize how wonderful life is and reflect it with a natural smile, your stomach sends another message – ‘I am hungry.” Now you have two options – you can quickly pause, run to the fridge, and grab a slice of multigrain bread and spicy hummus. Or, you can go through the trouble of calling in and driving all the way to Farfalla’s for your favorite margarita pizza. Right in the middle of figuring out whether Don wants to stay with his wife or the ravishing Italian woman, you’re not going to want to leave the site of crime. If I know the Mad Men enthusiasts right, bread & hummus would do just fine.

That’s the trick my friends. Keep the evil away for what is out of sight, is out of mind. Limit the options to healthier ones and keep the temptations at the fancy restaurants. Clean out the pantry and greenify that fridge.


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