create a goal

Smart Goal

My goals have ranged from trying to forcefully squeeze my thunder thighs into an x-small to getting back to my first driver’s license weight. In order to achieve that particular goal, I have tried every diet a human has ever invented – GM, Atkins, South Beach, Juicing, even the toughest of all – the Lemonade diet. After yo-yoing for the last decade, I am sitting here a little wiser – wiser because I have realized that my goals need to be less superficial and more meaningful. Most of all – they need to follow the SMART principle. 

So after erasing and rewriting my scribbles several times, I’ve finally chosen something that has me super excited. It is legen…wait for it – dary, it is legendary! My personal goal now is to prepare for my old age. I wish to be self-reliant, mobile, and super charged when I am 60, 70, and 80. I am assuming I’ll live forever but why the hell not! So I reviewed all of my previous test results and noted down my BMI, sugar, LDL cholesterol, TSH, and electrolytes. The goal is to improve my numbers by 1% by end of year. It may seem easy and low but bringing down your sugar level by 1-2gms would mean sacrificing that last shot, and opting out of that dark chocolate cake. I don’t want to rush – slow, steady, and sustainable is what I’m going for.

So create a goal that has a larger-than-looks effect. Create one that follows the SMART principle. Create one that is objective, quantitative, and valuable.  


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