forgive all sins

alfredo tongs 2Close your eyes. I wonder how you will then read the next sentence. Let’s do this again. Close your eyes hypothetically. Now imagine you are in a confession box. Listen to me and forgive your sins. The carb-loaded spaghetti slithering in that heavenly white creamy sauce, weekends filled with pizza while addicted to Breaking Bad, the nights of those notorious tequila shots, the sincere act of procrastinating doctor’s appointments, the warm chocolate soufflé with a perfect melting point, choice of mac & cheese over a quick jog, and the art of conveniently saying ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ every tomorrow.

There are about 100 trillion cells in a human body. If you can get just one cell to feel an itch and have an urge to now be stronger, healthier, and willing, you are already a winner.

Don’t waste any precious time regretting where you are today and wondering how you got here. What’s done is done and nothing can be done about it. What you can control however, are your actions today influencing your future tomorrow. So let today be your wake-up call, your starting point.

Forgive all sins and forgive them all. Feel that itch and find that urge. Now get up and get ready.  It ain’t gonna happen while you’re still reading this.


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