the smile energy

You can’t see farts but your nose will tell you. You can’t see Australia while sitting at the edge of the Pacific, but your ‘mate’ sure is gulping down Fosters. You can’t poke your dreams. Galaxies, emotions, evolution, energy, and magnetic field – their existence cannot be physically touched but they all exist.

Altin, an international cyclist turned Bikram yoga instructor, spent an hour observing my yoga postures and told me that I’m strong-willed, determined, and a firm woman. He observed my body language and then told me that I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. He pressed down on my nano muscles and transferred some form of energy. It soothed me and was a perfect transfer, but I have no clue what it was.

It makes me wonder about Reiki & Chi Gong.

Kinetic, potential, chemical, thermal, or nuclear – out of all known forms, my favorite is the smile energy. I think Robin Williams was a master at this one. He once dressed in blue scrubs and faked a German accent to surprise one of his Julliard friends in the hospital. He transferred a million smiles to the audience while constantly switching costumes in Mrs. Doubtfire. During the filming of ‘Schindler’s list,’ Robin called Steven Spielberg to tell him jokes and lift his spirits. In high school, he was apparently voted by his classmates as the ‘least likely to succeed.’

Smile energy, my favorite.


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