unaesthetic architecture

As soon as there is a little crack on the plate or a small tear in a cloth, we are ready to take a trip to Good Will. A little to our disliking and our minds have been trained to keep the receipts in a safe & secure environment. Let me put it this way – how many glasses do you own? Glasses specifically for water, wine, margarita, beer, and whiskey? Champagne without a flute? Maybe not, those flutes might be hidden in the back. Now don’t forget cups for tea and/or coffee. If you trust me or even if you are just wondering, please go and count the total number you own. And yes, make sure to count those shot glasses as well! In true sense of the reality and for ones who do like to wash the dishes right away, what we really need is a couple glasses, may be a couple more for the upcoming dinner party. At the end of the day & your esophagus, does it really matter what you pour where? A couple glasses is how most of ancient civilizations lived and many current ones still do.

Saime, a young Turkish lady, hosted us for a week in her humble house – a little house that had the bare minimum, and in other words, just enough. No two spoons were alike and there was a sample of glasses, each carrying its own shape & size. The unaesthetic architecture of her house with all required functionality and her shyly spoken “oh, it works” words has made me rethink what we really need vs. what we are now used to. Instead of the shower curtain rod, there was a thin rope knotted at both ends. In fact, one more knot and the height of the curtain was adjustable. You can’t do that with a fancy Home Depot cut-to-the-exact-mm rod. I’m just saying, it’s not that I’ll invest in a rope as soon as I get back. I’m just saying. For 2 days there was no wi-fi and for an afternoon, no water. But her smile never faded for there are more important things in our life than to forever be connected. We gave her a warm hug and invited her to California and Delhi, whichever direction she chooses first.

Now go and count the number of glasses.


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