proper & meticulous

No matter how many lessons I learn, new problems keep floating up. I checked multiple times for all the necessary electronics I needed to carry. Camera, battery, charger, iPhone, charger, headphones – all check! No, no laptop this time. I would like to experience what it is to be as technology-independent as I securely can. Rejoicing with over-confidence, I ordered a thin-crust, easy on cheese margarita @ the LAX. I had hours to kill and so I carefully chose a spot with an electrical outlet. While appreciating the beauty of my personal pizza, inhaling the marriage of flavors, and expressing it with a subtle smile, I took out my iPhone, already fitted with the cable only to realize I forgot to bring the actual cuboid-shaped charger, damn! That moment marked an instant curve change for my smile from convex to concave. Our minds are so trained that the 4 appropriate letters came together into a word. Eventually, as we all do, I forgave myself within milliseconds and convinced myself that my parents have 2 chargers already so it’s just a matter of my arrival.


I finished the entire OK! magazine cover to cover and felt abreast on all critical world affairs. Miley still can’t get Liam to say yes, Taylor bought a little cat, and Kendra’s husband had an affair with a transsexual during her pregnancy. JLo broke up with Casper, Kimye had an extravagant birthday bash, and Angelina is ready for 2 more. I got so intensely involved in world news that when they announced the final boarding, I realized I was supposed to exchange dollars to lira. I repeated the same 4-letter word again! I guess I’ll do that at Heathrow or in Turkey.

Flight arrived late and despite of knowing how Heathrow is no better than a corn maze, I decided to stop and let go of some bodily fluids. As a payback, I had to use all of my crossfit stamina to climb up the escalators, and run with luggage at 7 mi/hr until I arrived at the gate. It was no less than a running 650 meters with a 20 pound wall-ball up the hill.

At last, I arrived at the Turkish empire. At the visa counter, a half-bald, pre-frustrated, and not the most beautiful of them all Turkish man said “You need to go back to India to visit an embassy to then get a visa for Turkey, so come back when you’ve done that.” Yup, the same 4-letter word! I smiled and gracefully asked for someone else who I could speak to. After another WOD and gazillion doubtful looks, I crossed the immigration. My passport expiring in Sep 2014 did not make the task any easier.

And so, after all these mistakes, a dead iPhone, a real scare, and 3 hours of wait @ the airport, I was able to catch the first bus to Taksim Square at 4:00am.

All these mistakes but I told myself this is one of those letting-go, stress-free, what’s the worst that could happen kinda trip, well hmmm! I was so close to not being able to enter Turkey but at least I brought my toothbrush!

By the way, this particular blog is dedicated to my friends who refer to me as proper and meticulous.


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