Monthly Archives: June 2014

squatting on the seat

It takes a mental battle every single day to add 10 more pounds than you did last week, to further deepen that squat, or to stop from stopping yourself. Just when the mind says “I can’t,” the mind argues “Or can I?” Every win requires mental strength.

The plant grows based on the nutrients it gets and the size and composition of your belly reflects what you’ve been feeding it. Exactly in the same manner, your mind functions based on the messages it receives. It’s a constant match between ‘yes I can’ and ‘I doubt it!’ Stuff the mind with some positivity and the body shall follow.

There is a continual itch to improve. I’m swaying my eyes left to right wondering if I should say this out loud but every time I sit on the pot, I’m practicing how to get the posture right. I’m literally squatting up and down my toilet seat. Too late to now incessantly beat the ‘backspace’ button since what’s out is out! But yes, there’s an itch to continually improve.

Yesterday I couldn’t, but today I can. Today I can’t, but tomorrow I will. Awareness towards the inabilities is the very first step towards accomplishing it. Sprinkling a bit of 3 of the above will get you to tomorrow. And if not, you’ll enjoy the today much more than you did yesterday because you tried and you gave it your all. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do a hand stand push up, but my smirk says otherwise.

Don’t let the fear victimize you. You start from one single half-ass squat and you build. The beginning may be embarrassing but only the beginning will get you closer to the end. I started in college with no money. I started my career with zero experience. I started running with walking. That’s what you do.

Befriend the unknown and let powers be shown. Go and challenge a few, you just might conquer the new.

“Yesterday I couldn’t, but today I can. Today I can’t, but tomorrow I will.” – Ruhi Rastogi