Monthly Archives: February 2014

Achilles’ fork


Some Greek yogurts can be mysterious or tricky.

I’m afraid to even take a single bite of this Chobani Greek yogurt, strawberry flavor. I went to the store and was super excited to break open the little 120 calorie container but I tried to contain my excitement since it was dinner time. I anxiously waited until the next morning, posed liked Achilles, ready to attack it with my fork, and tore open the cover. What I saw next, confused me. It was a thick layer of white yogurt. I immediately threw away the weapon and said to myself, “Where the hell are the strawberries? How come it’s pure white?” I spent the next 45 seconds doubting myself, “maybe I picked up the plain yogurt by mistake!” But no, it’s got the picture of not 1, not 2, but 3 pretty strawberries. I kept digging hoping to hit the treasure, and I finally saw the yogurt change color.

While yesterday would be categorized as mysterious, today’s the day for tricky’ I opened the same container with lesser enthusiasm but this time to search for blackberries, and the yogurt looked like it had traveled for 7 hours on a bumpy road. For a second, I thought maybe the bacteria undid its magic.

I guess I’ll stick to my TJ’s Greek yogurt and get back to being the Achilles with my fork!