maroon sweater & dark grey skirt

Since I woke up at 12:48pm and realized that the sun sets around 4:30pm, I wanted to act a bit differently and actually stopped to ask for directions. The girl with a perfect English accent pointed me towards the old Railway road that would eventually lead me towards the Castlerigg Stone Circle. At the time, I was busy buying a coffee and did not focus much on the word ‘eventually.’

And so I started walking towards Castlerigg. The first thing to my right was a school playground crowded with numerous kids wearing maroon sweaters and dark grey pants with not a care in this world. The scenery took me back to the old days when I wore a maroon sweater and dark grey skirt while studying at the St. Paul’s Academy. It was a miracle how I got into those clothes. In hopes of me some day becoming a successful engineer or a doctor of some, or any kind, my Papa dragged me off the bed and towards the toilet, on almost a daily basis. The memory brought back the vicious circle, my undivided attention towards ‘how to miss school today,’ forgetting the PT day, not polishing my sports shoes, missing home works, and all those harsh punishments! Suddenly I remembered Dee Singh, her equally evil sister, her strict mom with a mole over her lips and glasses that brought some serious tremors. I remembered the birthday parties, the games, the reason we separated, and Ranjana – the sweet, innocent, bullied-over girl.

And so I kept walking towards this trail that seemed never-ending. I had questions in my mind but I kept walking. The sun seemed to give in to gravity and the damn circle was nowhere in the horizon. 8 kilometers, several doubts, and possibly all worst-case scenarios later, I found myself finally at the destination. I went back in time and realized how never to trust the English when they say it’s only a walk away. These bastards walk a half-marathon just to buy a loaf of bread! I was just glad I found my way, much before I got lost. Yes, it was true what the girl with a perfect English accent had told me – I’d ‘eventually’ get to the Castlerigg Stone Circle.

Only later is when I realized that it was only 1.7 kilometers away to start with. I was irritated at first, but calmed down realizing how the long walk got me reacquainted with my maroon sweater, dark grey skirt, and the monogram ‘St. Paul’s Academy.’ It was a walk to the Neolithic age, my Neolithic age – the days of Dee Singh.


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