appreciating the afternoon

My pedometer doesn’t lie. I wanted to appreciate the afternoon and stroll by the lake. As soon as I stepped outside, my first view was of the infinite green grass carpet that continued towards where the earth and sky meet. The ground elevated itself into the sky and then hid behind the frothy clouds. Little lambs filled up the pasture like little sprinkles on a butter pecan icecream. The cool winter 1°C breeze turned my nose into a pale pink color while the body warmed up just to overcompensate. It was a perfect demonstration for ones who know my dramatic nose.


I started walking and while my smile touched my eyes, several thoughts kept invading my mind – the bank account, immediate debits & credits, my overall worth, the near future plans, current desires, and the overall purpose. A quick pause and I apologized to myself for digressing off base. I jolted back to the different shades of colors, almost like an artists’ palette. I realized how the idea of a mirror came about – it must have been while looking at your reflection on any of the 20 major lakes in the Cumbrian region.

At times of high stress, I have trouble falling asleep and so I turn towards my iPhone and open an app. I turn on the sounds of a river, the ocean, a flute, and some drops into a bucket. At times, the chimes do the trick. Lake District is where the geniuses came to record those sounds. I found myself standing at a juncture where water was trickling down a little stream into the lake, while the water in the lake made waves, almost jealous of an ocean. The branches swayed and gifted a free ride to the leaves. I stood there and recorded the perfect merger of these sounds, the sounds that we take for granted, the sounds of nature.

I walked, walked some more, and kept on walking. My shins had started to complain but my other senses dominated over. I kept walking, and then I walked some more.

12.8 kilometers. My pedometer doesn’t lie.


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