a bus trip to Windermere

One of the toughest decisions of my Saturday morning was what to pack and what not to pack. The book ‘Fifty shades of grey’ – pack, another book ‘The Tipping Point’ – not so much. I do not wish to learn how to excel in my career or further hone my skills when I can experience the rage of hormones and eye on beautiful strangers and later, artistically combine the two in some form or fashion. The warm black coat would be an extra layer of warmth but won’t I just hike around all day? Put it back in the suitcase, Ruhi! The makeup kit – yes! Who knows who I might meet and when I do, I most certainly do not wish to look like Bridget Jones on her ‘Great Depression’ day over Daniel Cleaver or Mr. Darcy. Boots? Too much weight to carry; I’ll just do with my sturdy hiking boots. Laptop? Well yes, how else would I be able to keep you entertained!

So I get ready with my lime green backpack, if you must know, and charged ahead towards the bus station. Bay 25-28 and bus # 324. Five minutes late, and the entire plan would collapse so I hurried and still bought what was the most critical for my bus trip – apples, a bag of chips, and some Moroccan couscous.

In assembly lines / manufacturing, the term ‘bottleneck’ is used quite often. A bottleneck is defined as a phenomenon where the performance or capacity of an entire system is limited by a single or limited number of components or resources. For me, it’s my freaking bladder. Anyone who knows me and knows me well accepts me with my baggage, my bladder. So, after I down a 500ml water bottle, I get up to use the bus toilet only to find out the absolute worst – no toilet paper!


Luckily, we were 2 minutes away from a station so I run and tell every human on the bus to not leave without me. There was an entire conversation behind this incident but I did make the elderly anxious and worried. When I came back to the bus, I was welcomed with a round of applause and multiple expressions of ‘Thanks Heavens!’

I arrived safely in Windermere. My bus trip was at last, successful and my bladder is happy.


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