business or vacation?

business travel

Business trips create a stir, a stir to your normal routine and a stir to your comfort zone.

I’ve heard some disgusting reviews – “It’s too cold, the weather is yucky, the flight is 11 hours, the food is bland, my body clock gets messed up, I can’t train for my marathon, my dog won’t survive, I miss home, and blah blah blah…”

Business trips work beautifully for me since I’ve always liked to mix it up. I guess I am a fan of chaos. You dread the long flight but there is no better news than to find the seat to your right vacant. Of course, you wait with a heavy heart till the door is locked. You aren’t doing anything critical but you won’t turn off your phone until the air hostess practically yells at you. You have to somehow force yourself to have a couple glasses of red wine just so you can fall asleep; what a pity! Packing up your life in a little suitcase makes you wonder how little you need to survive. How else do you capture the snow while it’s sunny in California? The body is challenged by the jetlag but the orthopedic pillows relax the body. Heinz beans start the day; a cheeseboard satisfies the growling tummy and samosas & paneer tikka wraps it up. Calories keep flowing in without any exit strategy whatsoever. Not being able to exercise becomes a blessing in disguise. You work day and night to satisfy the worldwide requests but your vacation then starts on Friday at 8:00 am PST. It’s an opportunity for my winter clothes to come out of a coma. And, spreading the joy globally by letting others be mesmerized with my presence, well that’s just a topic for another day.

The best is to know that all that goes out of your wallet will soon find its way back. Your trip truly ends when the boss approves your expense report. I don’t know about others complaining, but I sure do apparently find a way to come to terms with a business trip.


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