Karma takes too long

There has always been an unanswered question, and an unquenched thirst. Why is it that the hard-working strives for patience, tolerance, and perseverance while the cheat wins the race? Why do bad people achieve what they want while the good just accept their fate? How do I teach Karma and Dharma to my unborn children when the outcome isn’t always all that enticing? If the results of the ‘wrong’ way might be more fruitful, why shouldn’t I be a part of the Mean, the Evil, and the Ugly?

Why can’t I take charge of the situation? Would it be too bad if I were to be the judge? Why can’t I follow Newton’s third law?


The fourteen chapters of Bhagawad Gita cover this same argument but never once could I understand or to better explain, accept. Until, 2 days ago.

“Dharma se sukh nahi, Dharma me sukh hai” – The eventual peace comes not as a result of good conscience, good deeds, and good intentions, it comes during. You just focus on what you control which is just you, your intentions, your thoughts, and your actions. Leave the rest. Leave the rest to one who controls the rest.

When the conscience is clean, there is sleep at night, a joy in stride, and peace at heart. There is no fear waking up, no shivering when a question asked, and no trembling when something’s a miss. The destination might be farther away, but the journey becomes sweet.

Karma takes too long but I’d rather wait.


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