a test for mummy

This is a test for mummy. She said she read my blog and will read it regularly. As soon as I asked for her opinion, she handed the phone to Papa… sigh! Hmmmm… I do trust her but my eyes are squinting wanting to ‘verify’ her statement.

So, this is what I’ll do – I’ll write about what I plan to send as her birthday gift. Knowing her, she is incapable of hiding a thing and will spit out the excitement in a jiffy.

She is the reason why I am conscious about health. While Papa has brought fitness into family, she has been the nutrition expert. She will add weird stuff to our food and it’ll still taste delicious. At our residence, flaxseed hides into the naan, an idli befriends oat bran, spinach somehow sneaks into lentils, and soy nuggets pop up when I’m expecting paneer.

I coerced her to take back some of her favorites to India but her luggage already knew no bounds. So, I am about to make a small basket of all the things she misses:

  • A bag of quinoa,
  • A pound of flaxseed,
  • Some chia seeds,
  • Dark chocolate covered acai berries,
  • Little oat bran,
  • A few hazelnuts,
  • Raw agave nector, and
  • Ritter Sport dark chocolate.
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