I have a coconut

cracked coconut with big splash
Coconut is a life force and so is a friend.

It could be either or all – a fruit, nut, or seed. A total darling, silly to the core, or one who lightens up the path.

Coconut contains sugar, dietary fiber, protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and provides an electrolytic balance. A friend for an uplift, energy overdose, and a Julia-Roberts smile – sugar. A friend for a reality check and a reminder for duties necessary – dietary fiber. One to inject strength – protein. Basic instincts, basic protective instincts – antioxidants. Someone to regulate motion, to balance emotion – vitamins. One to show you your beginning and force you down to earth – minerals. By letting you cry and laugh, bitch and moan, someone to bring equilibrium – electrolytic balance.

It can have many complex layers, hairs that are irritating to your hands, and stubborn in their ways and shell that is hard to crack and rigid on the surface. It is at all times, dark and light. It is in every way as hard as as it is soft. It is purely complicated and complicatedly pure. In each distinct form, it covers all states of matter – solid, liquid, and gas.

Under the unbreakable, it is brittle. Camouflaged in strength is its weak spot. Hidden in the dark is the bright light.

Coconut is a life force and so is a friend. I have a coconut, do you?


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