Gladwell + Murphy = uh oh

My initial reaction was “annoyance” – If every genius is supported with a luck factor, then I’m sorry but it takes away from my motivation to spend 10,000 hours to master an art. The book doesn’t boost anyone’s ego – the genius is lucky, the hard-working queue in line for luck, and the lazy ones – don’t take this the wrong way but you are forever doomed! Combine Gladwell and Murphy, and don’t even bother!

Then, I reread the summary and calmed myself down –

  • When opportunity presents itself, seize it.
  • There is no short-cut to mastery than ‘putting in the hours.’
  • Timing is critical.
  • If you feel there is real purpose to your work, it’s more likely you will work hard.

So, I’m not annoyed anymore. I approve the book ‘Outliers.’


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