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loch lomond

loch lomond

The path is muddy, rocky, and leads to the unknown. No matter what route we take, our mind always has questions, wonderings, and doubts. The road less traveled always seems easier, shorter, even quicker. The path fills itself with surprises and at times, seems confusing – a combination of wondrous flowers and prickly thorns. Challenging on one side, it can most certainly be uncertain.

Fifty shades of green create a palette. Everyone comes in a different size and shape. Each carries his own baggage and burdens. No two fingerprints are the same but we all share the same expressions of love and fear. All humans are created equal yet each is unique and distinctive. All five brothers share the common mother but practice individuality. Around the same situation, we react differently and each reaction reflects differently. All fifty shades of green harmonize. They all come together and create a garden, fauna, the greenery.

Water sits so calm. Buddists call it nirvana – “an imperturbable stillness of mind after the fires of desire, aversion, and delusion have been finally extinguished.” Hindus rave about moksha – “liberation from samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth.”

Mountain top – the ultimate goal. The tip of the mountain presents a challenge. The goal seems so high, so far beyond the reach. The closer you get, the farther it seems. You will be dismayed, you will lose hope, and you will be beaten down. The goal will still carry its smirk and roll its eyes. One must climb, and keep on climbing until there’s no more to climb.

The sky is the limit. The limitless. Goals are achievable but there’s always an opportunity untouched, and a leaf unturned. A mysterious puzzle, an indefinite staircase, the list of prime numbers, a simple woman, and stars in the sky – all unknown, all incomputable.

One photo tells the story. One photo shows the facets. One photo describes life.

One must climb, and keep on climbing until there’s no more to climb.” – Roohism


Gladwell + Murphy = uh oh

My initial reaction was “annoyance” – If every genius is supported with a luck factor, then I’m sorry but it takes away from my motivation to spend 10,000 hours to master an art. The book doesn’t boost anyone’s ego – the genius is lucky, the hard-working queue in line for luck, and the lazy ones – don’t take this the wrong way but you are forever doomed! Combine Gladwell and Murphy, and don’t even bother!

Then, I reread the summary and calmed myself down –

  • When opportunity presents itself, seize it.
  • There is no short-cut to mastery than ‘putting in the hours.’
  • Timing is critical.
  • If you feel there is real purpose to your work, it’s more likely you will work hard.

So, I’m not annoyed anymore. I approve the book ‘Outliers.’

Nigeria, I love you


I see the island.
Today is Thursday and tomorrow will be Friday.
I am racing and I look from the corner of the eye – there’s no one within 500 feet.
In queue for popcorn with tickets in my hands.
A few speed bumps but no brakes allowed.
I’ve got a smirk of the devil.

Nigeria, I love you.
Papa, please turn 69 soon.

beef, cheese, peas, beer, and whiskey

edinburgh castle prison
My favorite part of the castle was the prison. Each prisoner used a hammock to sleep in. They were like bats, hanging from the top and swaying, as if on a swing. Each prisoner received a ration of a pound of beef, a pound of cheese, a pint of peas, a couple pints of beer, and a glass of whiskey. Same ingredients, same utensils, same recipe, every single day. For entertainment, they drank beer and whiskey. For more entertainment, they played checkers. For even more, they played after they drank.

william wallace

I had first watched Braveheart when I had just joined college. Clearly, I was not paying attention. It took me a round trip to Scotland to finally appreciate Mel Gibson and his 4 academy awards. 13 years later, I watched it again last night. The movie captured the unique accent, the indomitable resistance, the unannounced rain, and even the unpredictable kilts. It exhibited the strength of a horse and the greed of the nobles. With a stubborn King, the helpless brides, and a courageous William Wallace, the movie blended love, friendship, and patriotism. It took me to the Edinburgh castle. It flew me again to Glencoe, the several Lochs, and left me in the middle of the Highlands.





fifty shades of green

DSC_0061“Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy from the sun into chemical energy. Oxygen is released, mostly as a waste product.”

In my weeks of travel to England, Ireland, and Scotland, there were two things that were common – an abundance of chlorophyll and the purest form of oxygen. This gas went all the way to my last bronchiole and filled my chest with bliss on its way out.

DSC_0068It was beauty in it’s raw form. All fifty shades of green created a palette. The only noise surrounding me was the noise of the leaves riding on the swaying branches. The rays of the sun didn’t make my eyes squint and it took less than a minute to fall asleep. At this point, the lines on my foreheard converged into a natural smile.

When I close my eyes, I think about lying down on the grass and letting the breeze touch my face. I think about reading a book. And I think about the next time I’ll get to visit the three beautiful countrysides.

Fifty shades of green and beauty at its best.