atithi devo bhav

In my culture, guests are considered equivalent to God. If you are a guest, you are not allowed to clean, contribute, or even comment. We will welcome you, cook delicious food, chalk your itinerary, and give you gifts as well. It’s your moral duty to just relax and be taken care of. This is what had allowed the sages, the enlightened ones, and Buddha himself to survive. They practiced their beliefs, contributed to the scriptures, and meditated under a tree while someone else bought groceries and cooked in the kitchen; no pun intended!

My next set of guests are on the move. Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

• Trips to Fillmore to bring back a carton each of oranges and grapefruit,
• Healthy delicious food every single day,
• Adding to my succulents collection,
• Dinner parties & overflowing red wine,
• Spontaneous weekend getaways,
• Trips to the Malibu farmer’s market,
• Joint motivation for entering the gym,
• A mini vacation to someplace unvisited,
• Regular multivitamins, calcium, fish oil, and flossing,
• Lots of heated discussions and arguments,

and last but the very best,

• Someone to come home to.



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