conviction. confidence. courage.

DCF 1.0

Quiet doesn’t work for me. Shy is what I shy away from. If you are a backstabber, you are on my block list. Any minute of engagement is a minute lost forever. To undo, please stab from the front. I may not like you but I sure will admire you. If you are two-faced, I am simply disappointed in you. You will notice my eyes squinting and face moving like a slowing pendulum. Two-faced only goes to show how confused you are as a human being. It demonstrates your inability to make up your mind about anything, anyone, and even about your own self. It’s an inconsistency and a huge turn-off. It invalidates the charm. It negates the feel-good effect. It brings up the rhetorical question ‘what is wrong with you?!’ The insecurities, fear of exposure, and dependence on other’s perception… grrrr… this category pisses me off.

On the other hand, there is something about the bold personalities that reel me in. Look into my eyes and tell me I’m wrong and tell me why – I will appreciate the discouragement and may even give you a hug. Having the courage of saying what you feel and feel what you want to feel is what I personally vote for. You may not attract an audience but the ones who care, really care and the ones who like you, like you for who you are. Don’t be a tofu – go get yourself a personality. When you fall down, get up and while you’re at it, pull me up while I’m down. Stop complaining and figure out a solution! Realize your mistakes and own up. Say ‘I am sorry‘ only when you mean it, and then go fix yourself and never repeat mistakes. An apology will be guaranteed, I promise.

I would rather choose conviction even when wrong over dilly-dallying. I would rather you be over-confident than hidden in a corner. I would rather be courageous combined with foolish than lose an opportunity only to wonder and wander.

Hidden personas, loose clothes, and a jello grip. Greasy hair, poor posture, and lack of motivation! Go away!

A firm handshake, a lingering eye-contact, and a tight hug. An honest smile, a deliberate wink, and knowing your ways. Ah!

Don’t be a tofu – go get yourself a personality.” – Roohism


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