eat pray love

I am to write a bulleted list of my accomplishments. Yes, the boss is expecting percentages, numbers, and factual data. Here it is.

  • Designed the overall life vision and the roadmap to implement happiness, satisfaction, and continual improvement.
  • Led a cross-functional team of all five senses to develop and implement a robust and self-sustaining Life Management System.
  • Integrated Buddhist methodologies and Hinduism philosophy across the entire thought process to improve Friend Quality, Family Quality, and Self Quality resulting in a substantial increase in the overall soul satisfaction.
  • Brought a change in the organizational culture and influenced each human to eat, pray, and love.
  • Brought a change in the organizational culture and influenced a few to move from stained coffee mugs to fragrant tea tumblers.
  • Automated daily smiles and centralized laughter database at various levels.
  • Led a team to get the new Thousand Oaks life certified with Laughter 9001:2008 within 90 days. The certification was awarded with minimal frowns and zero PIP’s.
  • Developed friendships and enforced controls resulting in the following improvements:

~ 54% reduction in the global unhealthy food habits from Q4’11 to Q4’12.
~ 93% reduction in ‘Quality department sucks’/’Quality only creates problems’ related issues from Q4’11 to Q4’12.
~ 31% reduction in # Nexsan human pounds from Q3’12 to Q4’12.
~ 88% reduction in feeling lonely and hopeless from Q3’12 to Q4’12.
~ 2.3% improvement in smiling and making others smile from 2011 to 2012.
~ 7.0% improvement in self-confidence, self-sustenance, and self-preservation from 2011 to 2012.


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