love actually

While I was fixing some of the material handling issues, F1 was on amazon ordering me a book. She couldn’t wait for me to be surprised and so she ordered the next day delivery. I drove 351 miles north only to see a frown. F2 was mad at me because half hour just wasn’t enough. It was his birthday the very next day and he wanted no cupcake. He wanted more of Roohi. While I was trying to cover it up with makeup, F3 was in line for something sweet. I got a call from F4 while she missed her boyfriend and wanted to instantly fly to Bern just to be with him. I also got a call while she was super buzzed and wanted me to listen to her irrepressible laughter. F5 sat through the fall, through the vulnerability.

I was buying tea for F6 while she was out choosing a 100% cotton nighty for me. She spent several minutes wondering if I’d like the color or if it’ll even fit me. F7 watched from a distance, observed me quietly, gave me time and followed up the next day. F8 stared and learned through a hesitant smile. He later sneaked in sideways and scared the shit out of me.

I was mad at F9 and gave him an earful. Now he cares enough and behaves. F10 was mad at me and gave me an earful. She was worried and concerned, and I deserved a full round of yelling. F11 expresses through anger, like sweetness wrapped in a 70% cocoa bittersweet dark chocolate.

The lit up eyes, the honest smiles, and those bone-crunching hugs say a lot. However, the wounded heart, the frowning face, the rolling tears, anger, and angst may also say the same. It’s a myth that love, friendship, care, and concern can only be shown in positive forms. Someone crying, someone mad, and someone scared of you could be a form as well. Someone spending even 5 minutes of their busy day thinking about you is a form of love, unless they are planning to kill you, of course.

There is love in jealousy.
A wee bit in anger.
Love is there in strength.
And more so in weakness.
It’s in everything irrational.
And yet, it’s only rational.
There is love in fear.
A little hidden in a tear.



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