the iron lady

I respectfully disagree with whoever says life is suffering. If life is suffering, what wakes me up every morning? What drives me to do better every single time? What in me overcomes the struggles and the pain? What gives me the power and the courage?

Yes, there are moments of weakness but only to realize the meaning of strength. There are tears but I’ve been given 2 hands to wipe them off. There are hurdles but only to be considered as challenges. I do get knocked down but only to get up again.

Darwin, Einstein, and Newton wouldn’t have cared about a monkey, a ball in motion, or a fallen apple. If life is suffering, there will be no positivity left in this world. All gyms would close down and self-improvement books would take a hit. We would need to erase some words from the dictionary, words like faith, patience, and optimism. The highest bidding products would be anti-depressants and cyanide pills instead of iPad mini. No one would visit the temples and meditation gurus would need to start looking for a job. If life is, in fact, all suffering, then all glasses would be empty and there will be no bright side.

I believe in getting up, dusting off, and marching ahead. Everything happens for a reason and some reasons are beyond comprehension unless we wait for 5 years when we can logically look back and analyze with a clear head, from a distance, and out of the box. There is an equilibrium to everything.

I’ve the tensile strength of structured steel and I’ll not stay down. I agree with the Chumbawamba philosophy and still believe that life is beautiful.

Life is beautiful and so are we!

I believe in getting up, dusting off, and marching ahead.” – Roohism


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