i am him

papaThe real love and appreciation starts when you see a part of him in you.

When I buy fruits, I buy in bulk and I buy a huge variety. That came from watching him bring a tote full of water chestnuts and sugarcanes bundled up in a rope. I love long drives and I’m always up for anything. That came from his ever-replenishing energy. I can get on a stage and perform and many know that I can talk for hours. That came from listening to his fearless style all these years. When I love, I protect. That came from him defending and standing up to nonsense. I try to respect everyone but I respect the ones less fortunate a bit more. That came from observing his interaction with the servants, vendors and rickshaw-wallas. I love to learn and I love to teach. That came from his sentence “the best way to learn is to teach.”

I am him when I write “and” on a piece of paper.
I am him when I collect several books.
I am him when I make others laugh.
I am him when I can’t stop talking.

I am him when strong.
I am him when self-sufficient.
I am him when self-sustaining.

And I love myself when I am him.

Happy birthday Papa!


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