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israeli jewelryJewelry has been around since before the civilizations but the very first signs came from the people in Africa. Beads made from sea snail shells found in South Africa have been dated to 75,000 years ago. In Kenya, beads made from ostrich egg shells have been dated to over 40,000 years ago. The invention of fire came later but men sure knew how to make necklaces to get the missus to smile. Before humans could figure out tools, they knew the art of self-adornment. I remember visiting museums and gazing at lavish crowns, luxurious silk clothing, and intricate ornaments. I remember taking the class on human sexuality and learning about different tribes and their distinct ways of piercing their bodies. There weren’t many body parts that escaped the art.

The olden times were much simpler. Jewels were used to gain a bill of ownership. No one was going after the microchips or a compact drive containing MI6 confidential data. Olden times didn’t realize the value of an authentic Mona Lisa or didn’t force countries to race towards a bomb activator. The olden times were much less complicated. The pirates created havoc and went through hell only for gemstones and pearls. All that Alibaba and the forty jewel thieves ever wanted was gold. I wonder if this is the reason why olden times are considered golden.

Then arrived a phase of status, social standing, and power. In ancient Rome, only certain ranks could wear rings. The kings wore the crowns maximum in weight, value, and density. The epic of Mahabharata reminds me of three things – indefinite artillery, the holy Bhagawada Gita, and an abundance of 24-carat gold. Persian men didn’t shy away either and hardly bothered to invest in watches, belts, or wallets. It wasnt quite the age for Tag Heuer and Rolex just yet.

Even the master of ‘eureka,’ Archimedes eventually played with a gold crown.

Now, the age has arrived where an entire youth of a girl goes expecting a carat. Anniversaries are not to celebrate your love but to add to your collection. Dollars are saved to be able to buy that Cartier instead of planning a family trip to Hawaii. Real jewelry is often used for artificial purposes.

I buy jewelry so I can decorate my body and admire myself. Looking at the ring reminds me of my beautiful long thin fingers. Earrings hide away behind my hair but I know they are there. With each second spent in putting them on, I celebrate life, existence, and progress. Whenever I wear anything inherited from my mother, I inherit and continue her beauty. With each piece I own, I collect a bill of ownership and a sweet memory.

Jewelry has impacted religions and cultures. It has influenced hierarchies and socioeconomics. It has even given birth to hate and crime. To me however, it is a treasure beyond the meaning of the word.

May you each own a piece and may you each own a treasure.” – Roohism


movies I love



  • 4 a seamless train conversation
  • 5 0.1% versus 300,000
  • 9 an extravagantly expensive child
  • 12 Jones meets the funny sweaters every Christmas
  • 13 love with 2 Irishmen
  • 14 that little girl crying gets you crying
  • 17 Oscar or Jesse
  • 19 oranges & the Great Depression
  • 20 lions licking honey
  • 22 7-layer dream


  • 1 mama Monique
  • 2 “I’m the money.”
  • 3 food of the Gods
  • 6 the bloody shower scene
  • 7 “I don’t love you anymore. Goodbye.”
  • 8 here comes the sun
  • 10 the Mayan sacrifice
  • 11 don’t go to Bratislava
  • 15 green injury & a disgusting nose
  • 16 a dozen with anger
  • 18 a bicycle ride in Ubud
  • 21 shaved head crawling in mud



If you ever wonder where people disappear to on Saturday nights, the answer is Santa Monica. The sound of so many walking fills in the silence. Every corner discovers an American idol. The merging of the flavors treat the olfactory. The jalapeno margarita at the Loteria, the fondue @ Marcel and the prosecco at Trasvetere. Even when the lights go out, the evening still sparkles.

I matched my boots with my colorful coat and walked down the 3rd street promenade. The waves in my hair were untouched and each strand tangled with the other. Wearing only my mascara and coco, I carried a subtle smile and took each step after the other. I walked straight and observed every single soul who crossed my sight. For those 15 minutes in the crowd, I was Alice.

And there my eyes met a stranger. It was that moment when both sets refused to blink and any rest would have been a second lost. The lock was unbreakable. In those few moments, the present touched the future and wondered.

He was beautiful.

people like us

The maximum beauty lies where no one has laid eyes before. Treasures a bit hidden are the most miraculous. Unknown intentions, hidden records, and something selfless. A few clicked pictures, a care package, and honey-dipped memories. That aura you leave after you’re gone. Things with no mention carry the most weight.

Sometimes one has to die to simply exist.” – Roohism

conviction. confidence. courage.

DCF 1.0

Quiet doesn’t work for me. Shy is what I shy away from. If you are a backstabber, you are on my block list. Any minute of engagement is a minute lost forever. To undo, please stab from the front. I may not like you but I sure will admire you. If you are two-faced, I am simply disappointed in you. You will notice my eyes squinting and face moving like a slowing pendulum. Two-faced only goes to show how confused you are as a human being. It demonstrates your inability to make up your mind about anything, anyone, and even about your own self. It’s an inconsistency and a huge turn-off. It invalidates the charm. It negates the feel-good effect. It brings up the rhetorical question ‘what is wrong with you?!’ The insecurities, fear of exposure, and dependence on other’s perception… grrrr… this category pisses me off.

On the other hand, there is something about the bold personalities that reel me in. Look into my eyes and tell me I’m wrong and tell me why – I will appreciate the discouragement and may even give you a hug. Having the courage of saying what you feel and feel what you want to feel is what I personally vote for. You may not attract an audience but the ones who care, really care and the ones who like you, like you for who you are. Don’t be a tofu – go get yourself a personality. When you fall down, get up and while you’re at it, pull me up while I’m down. Stop complaining and figure out a solution! Realize your mistakes and own up. Say ‘I am sorry‘ only when you mean it, and then go fix yourself and never repeat mistakes. An apology will be guaranteed, I promise.

I would rather choose conviction even when wrong over dilly-dallying. I would rather you be over-confident than hidden in a corner. I would rather be courageous combined with foolish than lose an opportunity only to wonder and wander.

Hidden personas, loose clothes, and a jello grip. Greasy hair, poor posture, and lack of motivation! Go away!

A firm handshake, a lingering eye-contact, and a tight hug. An honest smile, a deliberate wink, and knowing your ways. Ah!

Don’t be a tofu – go get yourself a personality.” – Roohism

ohm’s law


It is serial in nature. It is happening in parallel. There’s way too much resistance in the system. I can’t blog. I am experiencing a series of mental blocks occurring due to a variety of short-lived thoughts in parallel. I have the following topics in mind and yet, the alphabets are driving me crazy and the words are being selfish.

  • The book ‘Princess’
  • The evil
  • England, the Great Britain, and the United Kingdom
  • SAN
  • Cooking for friends
  • My third crossword

I guess I just wrote one. So who can solve for IT?


eat pray love

I am to write a bulleted list of my accomplishments. Yes, the boss is expecting percentages, numbers, and factual data. Here it is.

  • Designed the overall life vision and the roadmap to implement happiness, satisfaction, and continual improvement.
  • Led a cross-functional team of all five senses to develop and implement a robust and self-sustaining Life Management System.
  • Integrated Buddhist methodologies and Hinduism philosophy across the entire thought process to improve Friend Quality, Family Quality, and Self Quality resulting in a substantial increase in the overall soul satisfaction.
  • Brought a change in the organizational culture and influenced each human to eat, pray, and love.
  • Brought a change in the organizational culture and influenced a few to move from stained coffee mugs to fragrant tea tumblers.
  • Automated daily smiles and centralized laughter database at various levels.
  • Led a team to get the new Thousand Oaks life certified with Laughter 9001:2008 within 90 days. The certification was awarded with minimal frowns and zero PIP’s.
  • Developed friendships and enforced controls resulting in the following improvements:

~ 54% reduction in the global unhealthy food habits from Q4’11 to Q4’12.
~ 93% reduction in ‘Quality department sucks’/’Quality only creates problems’ related issues from Q4’11 to Q4’12.
~ 31% reduction in # Nexsan human pounds from Q3’12 to Q4’12.
~ 88% reduction in feeling lonely and hopeless from Q3’12 to Q4’12.
~ 2.3% improvement in smiling and making others smile from 2011 to 2012.
~ 7.0% improvement in self-confidence, self-sustenance, and self-preservation from 2011 to 2012.

love actually

While I was fixing some of the material handling issues, F1 was on amazon ordering me a book. She couldn’t wait for me to be surprised and so she ordered the next day delivery. I drove 351 miles north only to see a frown. F2 was mad at me because half hour just wasn’t enough. It was his birthday the very next day and he wanted no cupcake. He wanted more of Roohi. While I was trying to cover it up with makeup, F3 was in line for something sweet. I got a call from F4 while she missed her boyfriend and wanted to instantly fly to Bern just to be with him. I also got a call while she was super buzzed and wanted me to listen to her irrepressible laughter. F5 sat through the fall, through the vulnerability.

I was buying tea for F6 while she was out choosing a 100% cotton nighty for me. She spent several minutes wondering if I’d like the color or if it’ll even fit me. F7 watched from a distance, observed me quietly, gave me time and followed up the next day. F8 stared and learned through a hesitant smile. He later sneaked in sideways and scared the shit out of me.

I was mad at F9 and gave him an earful. Now he cares enough and behaves. F10 was mad at me and gave me an earful. She was worried and concerned, and I deserved a full round of yelling. F11 expresses through anger, like sweetness wrapped in a 70% cocoa bittersweet dark chocolate.

The lit up eyes, the honest smiles, and those bone-crunching hugs say a lot. However, the wounded heart, the frowning face, the rolling tears, anger, and angst may also say the same. It’s a myth that love, friendship, care, and concern can only be shown in positive forms. Someone crying, someone mad, and someone scared of you could be a form as well. Someone spending even 5 minutes of their busy day thinking about you is a form of love, unless they are planning to kill you, of course.

There is love in jealousy.
A wee bit in anger.
Love is there in strength.
And more so in weakness.
It’s in everything irrational.
And yet, it’s only rational.
There is love in fear.
A little hidden in a tear.


the iron lady

I respectfully disagree with whoever says life is suffering. If life is suffering, what wakes me up every morning? What drives me to do better every single time? What in me overcomes the struggles and the pain? What gives me the power and the courage?

Yes, there are moments of weakness but only to realize the meaning of strength. There are tears but I’ve been given 2 hands to wipe them off. There are hurdles but only to be considered as challenges. I do get knocked down but only to get up again.

Darwin, Einstein, and Newton wouldn’t have cared about a monkey, a ball in motion, or a fallen apple. If life is suffering, there will be no positivity left in this world. All gyms would close down and self-improvement books would take a hit. We would need to erase some words from the dictionary, words like faith, patience, and optimism. The highest bidding products would be anti-depressants and cyanide pills instead of iPad mini. No one would visit the temples and meditation gurus would need to start looking for a job. If life is, in fact, all suffering, then all glasses would be empty and there will be no bright side.

I believe in getting up, dusting off, and marching ahead. Everything happens for a reason and some reasons are beyond comprehension unless we wait for 5 years when we can logically look back and analyze with a clear head, from a distance, and out of the box. There is an equilibrium to everything.

I’ve the tensile strength of structured steel and I’ll not stay down. I agree with the Chumbawamba philosophy and still believe that life is beautiful.

Life is beautiful and so are we!

I believe in getting up, dusting off, and marching ahead.” – Roohism

i am him

papaThe real love and appreciation starts when you see a part of him in you.

When I buy fruits, I buy in bulk and I buy a huge variety. That came from watching him bring a tote full of water chestnuts and sugarcanes bundled up in a rope. I love long drives and I’m always up for anything. That came from his ever-replenishing energy. I can get on a stage and perform and many know that I can talk for hours. That came from listening to his fearless style all these years. When I love, I protect. That came from him defending and standing up to nonsense. I try to respect everyone but I respect the ones less fortunate a bit more. That came from observing his interaction with the servants, vendors and rickshaw-wallas. I love to learn and I love to teach. That came from his sentence “the best way to learn is to teach.”

I am him when I write “and” on a piece of paper.
I am him when I collect several books.
I am him when I make others laugh.
I am him when I can’t stop talking.

I am him when strong.
I am him when self-sufficient.
I am him when self-sustaining.

And I love myself when I am him.

Happy birthday Papa!