dark chocolate raspberry truffle

  • A taste and the news channel just decided that the world will still be here on Dec 22nd, 2012.
  • A taste and I fall in love with the worst of my enemies.
  • A taste and my Julia-Roberts smile can stretch like a bubblegum.
  • A taste and the heart catches a beat and the blood, once again, reflows.
  • A taste and worries take a break and doubts dissappear.
  • A taste and nothing else on the planet really matters.

dark chocolate raspberry truffle

We all need a few things that can change the route and cover the pain, a little something that switches off the panic button, a source of an instant smile, and a shortcut to short-lived satisfaction. We all need to find our 2-minute recipe, a secret to fulfilling a quick desire. We all need to identify a flavor, own a favorite, mark a special liqueur, and create that list.

Let some calories in. Let the rain moisten your face. Let the flowers make you smile.

Just let some things be.


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