I let go every day

third eyeI let go every day and every day I have to learn how to let go. With all this time devoted in practice, I still find myself at the start line every morning.

I’m an Aries and like to orchestrate my entire world and yet, I’m struggling with controlling my own self. I close my eyes and try to concentrate on the eye between the two eyes but the murphy law defeats me. Every useless and unnecessary thought enters when I’m trying to let go. It’s as if all the forces are scheming against me. I try to focus on one particular sound but in those few seconds, I can somehow hear every doubt, every sigh and every cry. Deep breathing is supposed to soothe me but it does quite the opposite. Where am I to deposit all the doubts? How do I handle the stubborn questions? What do I do to quieten my mind?

Perhaps, I need to start small; let go of the tangible; the cravings, the urges, and the desires.

For 40 days starting Jan 1st, I’m letting go of cheese. No bruschetta napoletana, no pizza with stuffed crust, and no cheesecake. I’m also giving you full authority on using a stick if you ever catch me sneaking in on a slice of margarita.

I let go every day and every day I have to learn how to let go.” – Roohism


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