welcome to my Diwali party

flowersFlowers lent their color and the flame was left confused with hot & cold.

spice trayTwelve spices filled my ceramic egg tray and fooled the guests. The challenge was to guess the spices but no one asked if I knew any.

3gThe decoration included the 3G’s – green chilly, ginger, & garlic.

peppersThe tri-colored peppers didn’t add to the magic but sure did illuminate the dinner table.

rangoliThe mixing of colors signified the mixing of races, religions, and cultures.

ganesh laxmiGanesh promised to remove all obstacles and Laxmi has committed wealth and prosperity.

Rumor has it that 2 ladies are now the latest bff’s in town. Somebody appreciated the gingin more than it deserved. Loud laughter bothered the entire Middle East. A man was caught circling the table 17 times.  A few fake traditions were invented & discovered. Fruit tart dissappeared right in front of multiple eyes. The cheesecake eventually found its way into my belly.

Still looking for a bottle cover, still blowing out the light, still washing the wine glasses, still wishing no end to the night.


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