upside down smile

sadToday was a dull day… five of my friends wore an upside-down smile and it killed me. At times like these, I have baked a chocolate strawberry cake, I have Googled dumb jokes, I have made some very funny faces and I have even hidden funny cards.

The first one didn’t share and wanted time to spring life back. The second one didn’t talk and so no one knows what and how. The third one smiled with painful eyes and would just keep smiling. The fourth one expressed missing me and wanted me to come back. The fifth one let it all out and shared the tears. Usually I can get them to smile within 2 minutes but I have to learn to respect their individual styles. It’s hard to tell whether someone wants space or extended attention, a bear hug or some time away from the known.

I wish I could ease their pain or get them to look at the bright side. I wish I could sacrifice some of my strength or sing a lullaby. It itches when a friend is hurting. It’s awful when you feel helpless.

If I’m ever sad, please know that I never want you to leave me alone, not for an hour, not even for a minute. Yellow flowers will brighten up the day, godiva dark chocolate truffle with raspberry will have me drooling and a little teasing would undo the upside down.


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