A day to ease the tummy, a day to scrub the taste bud, a day to clear the bloodstream and a day to remember that old thirst.

  • Forget the oven, let go of the microwave.
  • Purge all cans and go a bit insane.
  • Hide the fryer and throw the juicer.
  • Wear an apron and beat the biggest loser.
  • Put tomato in mouth, apply pressure till it bursts.
  • Sacrifice that coke and experience an authentic thirst.
  • Take a big knife and cut the skin off a pineapple.
  • Keep the doctor away and slice up that gala apple.
  • Sit outside in the sun and peel off a sugarcane.
  • Try different olives, especially the ones from dear Spain.
  • Go and grow some basil in your backyard.
  • Fear saturated fats and say no to any lard.
  • Watch couscous and learn osmosis.
  • Teach your neighbor and even your bosses.
  • Dare to eat a chili and run to the water.
  • Multicolored fingerling potatoes, each of them matter.
  • Make yourself a boiling lemon & ginger & honey tea.
  • Say ‘thank you Mendel’ and appreciate the pod & pea.

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