if you smell gas

The strategies and marketing schemes for Pepsi vs. Coke originate back to the ancient days. There has been a lucrative line of work dedicated to showing a different perspective and ‘selling’ the idea. The world of advertising has exponentially influenced the sales of even the most controversial products. ‘How’ you sell now takes priority over ‘what’ you sell.

So here’s my marketing scheme for today.

Are you looking for joy? Is there a frown that won’t go away? Have the smiles permanently disappeared? Well, stop worrying and stop worrying right now. Double or triple your happiness in no time. Call 1.800.766.4476 to learn how to get an instantaneous return on what you invest. If you call within the next 10 minutes, you’ll also receive a gift. No extra charges and no shipping & handling. No hidden costs and no catch whatsoever. Call soon. Call now. 1.800.766.4476.


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