no afternoon nap for you!

After leaving a country that is known for its warmth, boarding Air China was a surprise. The air hostesses from China are mean. Don’t you dare ask for a coffee refill or you may not be allowed your afternoon nap. God forbid you open the overhead; you will need to explain yourself. Oh! And try changing your seat and might as well say goodbye forever. In those long hours of flight, we traveled back to the time zone when freedom of speech was considered ridiculous. With hands shivering and mind all numb, we sat and waited for when the torture will finally end.

My friend is a little new when it comes to flying internationally. It only gave me a chance to share a few of my million stories and lessons. A cold winter night at the Heathrow taught me to always carry a blanket. My dad has always pushed me to carry at least 3 books. The bus ride from Manali to Delhi taught me the relevance of always carrying your very own set of headphones. The bumpy bus ride from Delhi to Dehradun demonstrated the need for vodka. The Air China vegetable sandwich made out of a piece of bread and mayo inaugurated my friend’s very own list.

My latest lesson – stay away from the air hostesses from China and run for your life. They are mean.


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