colored but only to bring a rainbow

aryabhataImagine if the numbers only had 1 through 9. After 9 would have come 11 and after 99 would have come 111. Would mathematics make any sense? How would we ship Cisco drive packs anymore? Binary digits would be 1 and 1. An E48 would only have 44 slots. You’d see Washington on a $91 bill. An hour wouldn’t be 60 minutes and a minute wouldn’t be 60 seconds. The great mathematician, Aryabhata, invented zero and made it all okay.

Life is suffering and we are all stuck in the shackles. There’s chaos and only change is constant. The calendar shows ’16 bills to pay’ and then there’s that receding hairline. My family suffers from a history of heart attacks and my car is due for service. The only way out of all this is moksha, but then I’m no sage with an agenda to please the Gods. For the simpleton human beings, the sages invented yoga and meditation.

For the ones who are pious, there are three hundred and thirty million Gods and for the ones who indulge in pleasure, there is the notorious Kamasutra. Mother Teresa touched souls and Gandhi taught non-violence. The call centers have started the wave and the entire world wants to invest in India.

This is where I came from. There are a billion people but everyone smiles with their eyes and welcomes with an open heart. The world calls us the C++ kings, but we bow down every time we say ‘Namaste.’ There’s a thick accent but ‘John’ will not disconnect the line without a satisfied customer. There’s poverty but everyone looks at the ones less fortunate. There’s daily disappointment but never a loss in faith.

We are colored but only to bring a rainbow into the world.


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