do what you say and say what you do

This mantra in Quality is equivalent to ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ in the Vedas. This mantra may be the root of all evil. This is where every company messes up and indirectly pays the salaries of all Quality auditors. This mantra is also what differentiates between a good and a great leader. It is sticking to your word, keeping a promise and finalizing an effort. It is those 5 extra minutes, attention to detail and addressing all corners. It’s an act of demonstration, a proof or evidence and in some cases, even bragging.

Three girlfriends and three examples.

My friend Smarty believes in full disclosure. Her style is to express herself and only sky is the limit. She tells me that I was the Great Wall of China when she met me. She has since polished the edges and softened the robot. In her own words, the world may collapse tomorrow and you may never be able to return a book, give that card or say good bye. There’s terrorism in Kashmir, random plane crashes and power outage in New York. So assume you have only today and you have only now. Turn it all into a few words and let your words become you.

My other friend Shooby-dooby-doo believes in doing what she says but on her own terms. Instead of bringing flowers and vocalizing the lovey-dovey, she will have dinner ready when you get home exhausted. She will artistically jot down memories and surprise you in the most unpredictable of ways. She makes her love a pocket full of surprises – one has to read between the lines and play 20 questions before you hit the answer. She makes you work a little.

I wouldn’t say I’m struggling with molding my style, but I’m a little here and a little there. “Do what you say and say what you do.” Actions speak louder than words and a picture is worth a thousand words but without words, aren’t we just missing out on one of the six senses? Well, six in my particular case. Go ahead – roll your eyes.

We keep grudges for years and never say a word. We secretly admire someone and never let them know. We let others teach a lesson but never thank them. We even need words to expose our intentions.

On the other hand, words are worthless if not supported by actions. ‘I love you’ means nothing when you’re not ready with Band-Aid and soup. Why say ‘I’ll get it done’ when you don’t even add it to your to-do list? What’s a promise if empty?

I say maintain a balance.

Blush a little and share the reason. Be the strength but add ‘everything will be ok, I promise.’ Cry with him when feelings are hurt. Tell her sorry and draw a card. Bring me an ice cream when there’s a loss. Pamper & spoil to show how much you care. Say ‘I will miss you’ instead of beating about the bush. Keep your promise of that kiss on the nose.


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