the good, the bad, and the ugly

My favorite fruit is lychee and there’s a reason why. My mummy would go to the bazaar and bring back a bunch of lychees. Not two, not three but just one bunch. While my papa’s style is to splurge and go all out, mummy usually raises her eyebrows, shows her forefinger and says ‘No!’ My mummy and papa are the two opposites. Their styles are so different that according to Physics, they should be sitting at the opposite poles of the Earth. I consider myself a good mix, a child of Physics gone wrong!

So yes, mummy would go to the bazaar and bring back a bunch of lychees. She’ll pick out a few for herself and then equally divide the even number between my brother and me. He would eat his share right away and experience instant satisfaction. I would get a taste, enjoy a couple and save half of my share for later. My style is slow & steady. I go for small chunks of satisfaction over continuous period of time. But, I always had to watch out for my greedy brother. Any lack of attention and all of my lychees were gone. He made me a very angry 6-year old. He’s the first kind.

I’ve spent most of my 30 years being jealous; jealous of those gifted with a supersonic metabolic rate. While I have to spend hours motivating myself to get off my arse, my enemies enjoy butter scotch ice cream. I don’t understand where it all ends up! Either they poop a lot, or they poop every hour or there’s a secret black hole in the universe. In any case, they have something I don’t. I’m the second kind!

The last type. It’s when you don’t want an apple, but no one else can eat it either!

A boy worked for Mr. M. This boy was comical and a constant source of entertainment but he was lazy, laid-back and counter-productive. Mr. M was fully aware of the boy’s weaknesses but he never let anyone else borrow the boy. Mr. M’s eyes would widen up, and in a state of a panic attack, he would say ‘I don’t want him but you can’t have him!

At other times, when we do have it good, we take it for granted. When we own it, we don’t want it. As soon as it’s gone, we experience a void followed by a sudden urge. If someone else values it, we feel territorial towards what we no longer have. At times like these, the grass seems greener in someone else’s lawn.

Jealousy can be dangerous. Sneaky in nature, it sweeps in unnoticed and pollutes our thought process. It numbs the mind. It irrationalizes our actions. And, it does all this quietly.

I looked up antonyms for the word and this is what came up: contentment, happiness, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Take your share and try not to drool. Treasure what you have. Value what you own. Close your eyes and let someone else be happier.


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