last hypothesis

At times I wonder how humans survived when there was no Quality. The answer is simple – we’ve always been dependent on the theories, principles, and the right way. Quality has been evolving throughout history. As early as 2000 years ago, Ancient China figured out a way and created the carpenter’s square as part of their toolset. The Chinese wanted to measure grain and developed a Poka Yoke. The system of weights and measures was put in place as early as 4000 to 5000 years ago. They knew how to save space through stacking. The city plan was carved out beautifully and included perfectly designed streets over an 84-square kilometer area.

The same methodology is being used in our daily lives. Whenever we come across a problem, we do a full root cause analysis. When we want to watch our weight, we plot it against the control limits. Whenever we move, we do a purge and lean up. These days, I’m involved in a puzzle. I’ve used all tricks, all methods and all principles. It’s 4am and I’ve lost my sleep. Something isn’t adding up. I believe I’ve considered all possibilities but the chemical equation is in an imbalance. The left side doesn’t match up to the right side. So, now it’s time to test my last hypothesis, the very last variable in the overall design of experiments. I am going to remove myself from the equation.


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