sponge-like personality

2013 has been declared as the International Year of Quinoa by the United Nations.

I like quinoa. I appreciate its selfless nature. It’s flexible, versatile and carries a sponge-like personality. The largest empire in the pre-Columbian America, the Inca empire, called it the mother of all grains. During the European conquest, the conquistadores scorned quinoa as ‘food for Indians’, and suppressed its cultivation. What were they thinking ?!

While it is considered to be a whole grain, quinoa is actually a seed. With a high protein content of 14% by mass, quinoa provides all 9 essential amino acids and is the source of a complete protein. Full of dietary fiber, it is also high in phosphorous, magnesium, and iron.

My personal favorite: add all the yellows, reds and greens!

Quinoa + red / yellow / orange peppers + corn + mango + cilantro + lettuce + vinaigrette!

I introduced this Incan grain to my dear friend Shubra, the quinoa queen! She has come up with 16 recipes and does not leave home without a bag in her purse. I’m guessing she’s a fan, risking the fine line towards crazy.


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