outrageous & obnoxious

A handful of friends and worries take a break. A few loved ones who reject your ache. Laughter so hard it frightens the pain. Holding a hand when there is rain.

It is okay to have a few to let you know it is okay. It’s okay to find friends who know the flaws. It’s okay to be vulnerable once in a while and let one in. It’s okay to create a little window in the wall.

I was with my friends last night. We broke bread and shared wine together. We gossiped and bad-mouthed the world. ‘Outrageous & obnoxious’ would be putting it mildly. We laughed so hard that our eyes leaked, lips cracked and the muscle fibers tore. The four of us represent four different nations and yet there was shared energy; there was synergy. When I left, I carried a smile that I am still wearing. I think I have made it. It’s taken me a long time but I think I am finally here.

A handful of friends and life feels complete. A few loved ones and ends do meet.


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