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sleeping free style

As soon as you submerge your ears into the water, magic happens. There may be others in the pool, but you are alone with your solitude. You may be wearing a swimsuit but you feel fully exposed. Thoughts become louder and the mind becomes clearer. It’s my way to temporarily eject from the world. It’s a practice to look inside the hollow tin. It’s my space in time to meditate. It may be my Bodhi tree.

Tonight however, proved my entire theory wrong. While it brings awakening, I was sleepy. I was sleepy while I swam. I was sleepy during free style, breast stroke and back stroke. Eyes were half closed, mind was numb and feet were cramped. I don’t know how I completed 60 laps but I could have easily taken a nap.


sponge-like personality

2013 has been declared as the International Year of Quinoa by the United Nations.

I like quinoa. I appreciate its selfless nature. It’s flexible, versatile and carries a sponge-like personality. The largest empire in the pre-Columbian America, the Inca empire, called it the mother of all grains. During the European conquest, the conquistadores scorned quinoa as ‘food for Indians’, and suppressed its cultivation. What were they thinking ?!

While it is considered to be a whole grain, quinoa is actually a seed. With a high protein content of 14% by mass, quinoa provides all 9 essential amino acids and is the source of a complete protein. Full of dietary fiber, it is also high in phosphorous, magnesium, and iron.

My personal favorite: add all the yellows, reds and greens!

Quinoa + red / yellow / orange peppers + corn + mango + cilantro + lettuce + vinaigrette!

I introduced this Incan grain to my dear friend Shubra, the quinoa queen! She has come up with 16 recipes and does not leave home without a bag in her purse. I’m guessing she’s a fan, risking the fine line towards crazy.

outrageous & obnoxious

A handful of friends and worries take a break. A few loved ones who reject your ache. Laughter so hard it frightens the pain. Holding a hand when there is rain.

It is okay to have a few to let you know it is okay. It’s okay to find friends who know the flaws. It’s okay to be vulnerable once in a while and let one in. It’s okay to create a little window in the wall.

I was with my friends last night. We broke bread and shared wine together. We gossiped and bad-mouthed the world. ‘Outrageous & obnoxious’ would be putting it mildly. We laughed so hard that our eyes leaked, lips cracked and the muscle fibers tore. The four of us represent four different nations and yet there was shared energy; there was synergy. When I left, I carried a smile that I am still wearing. I think I have made it. It’s taken me a long time but I think I am finally here.

A handful of friends and life feels complete. A few loved ones and ends do meet.

law of conservation of love

Love can neither be created nor destroyed. Let the total amount of love in an isolated system remain constant over time. Let it flow. Let it transform. Let it be conserved.

Love with an honest smile. Love with an open heart. Love from a distance. Love as a catalyst.


I manage corporate quality, world wide materials, and drive around in my sexy beast. There is no forest and nothing is free. Govinda’s of today have turned too clever. Presidential candidate and drug cartels have dominated the attention. In this world of difficult economy and dependence on anti-depressants, how do I attain nirvana and be free from the worldly desires? How do I compete with 23 days of undistracted meditation? Where do I find the shade of a Bodhi tree?


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